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Friday, October 16, 2009


Deep in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, a powerful and mysterious signal with the potential to shape the destiny of millions is discovered to be emanating from beyond earth. A Christian finds the truth…but can she affect those in control and will she be a testimony to the grace of God in the midst of apparently overwhelming chaos?

From the Director of Deceived, Andre van Heerden:
"It's going to be very interesting to see how people react to Deceived. It's definitely dark and suspenseful like Revelation, but it's also edgier and more intense. While Revelation may hold the audience's interest because of its central mystery, Deceived holds it because of the characters. There is a mystery to the picture, as well as elements of romance, comedy, and horror; but the characters are what are so intriguing. Since the characters take the audience through the entire story, and those characters become so familiar to us, I think many people are going to be drawn into the tale more than any other film we've done."

Christian independent film company Cloud Ten Productions presents this science fiction-tinged thriller in the same vein of their other offerings, such as Left Behind. Directed by Andre vanHeerden, Deceived stars Judd Nelson as Jack Jones, a scientist brought in to help discern the purpose and source of a strange, extraterrestrial signal that seems to have a mysterious effect on the psychic abilities of those exposed to it. The film also stars Michelle Nolden, Stuart Beck, and Academy Award-winner Louis Gossett Jr. ~ Matthew Tobey, All Movie Guide
Louis Gossett, Jr.; Jefferson Mappin; Judd Nelson - Jack Jones; Stewart Bick; Deborah Odell; Ramona Milano; Leigh Lewis; Richard Nester; Michelle Nolden; Stuart Beck
Peter Gerretsen - Director, Andre Van Heerden - Director, Peter Lalonde - Executive Producer, Paul Lalonde - Executive Producer, Nicholas Tabarrok - Producer, Paul Lalonde - Screenwriter


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