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Saturday, October 17, 2009



Directed by Kevin Downes
Produced by Bobby Downes, Kevin Downes, Cosimo Michael Occhipinti, David A.R. White
Written by Kevin Downes, Chipper Lowell, David A.R. White

Stephen Baldwin ... Luke
David A.R. White... Brody Sutton (as David White)
Kevin Downes ... Jerry Willis
Jeffrey Dean Morgan... Tom Newman
Eric Roberts ... Dallas
Amy Moon ... Jeseca
Troy Winbush ... Lewis
Coleman Luck ... Charles
Sung Hi Lee ... Beautiful Woman
Declan Joyce ... Joe
Marc Elmer ... CPF Guard
John Gilbert ... Commander
Brad Heller ... Preston Scott
Tiny Ron ... Eddie
Elena Lyons ... Rahab
Music by Marc Fantini, Steffan Fantini
Cinematography Philip Hurn
Editing by Jeffrey Lee Hollis
Distributed by Trinity Broadcasting Network
Release date(s) June 29, 2004
Running time 104 min.
Country USA
Language English

The film is set in the end-times, when the earth has been taken over, and the mark of the Beast - an implant in the right hand or forehead - is being imposed upon the global population (referred to as "the community" in the film). Those who take the mark become part of 'The Community'; those who refuse to bear the mark are imprisoned and, after three weeks, beheaded.
Two non-Christian renegades (Kevin Downes and David A. R. White) steal a car for a friend who has also refused to bear the mark. They find out when they arrive at his place that he has chosen to mark it, and "feels so much happier". The renegade two are caught by police, and taken to prison.
Tom Newman (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), a smuggler, is also captured by a police unit, led by his ex-wife, who has taken the mark. He is tortured until he agrees to infiltrate a Christian group in prison in order to kill Elijah Cohen, a Christian leader who remains at large.
Tom and the other two renegades meet in prison, and try to escape.


- This is a great movie to share with your unsaved friends and family. It is one of the best prophetic movies that I have seen.
My Ratings: [Excellent/5]
—Chris Draper, age 17

- “…Both Rexella and I believe this to be the greatest religious release we have ever watched. I know you will be tremendously moved as never before when viewing this Holy Spirit led production…
—Dr. Jack Van Impe, President, JVI International

- “…The power of the gospel to transform the lives of the characters is shown with deeply moving reality. So real is the presentation of the plan of salvation in this movie, the viewer will be left without excuse…
—Pastor John Hagee, Global Evangelism Television




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