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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The Truth as You've Never Seen it Before
This 78-minute film takes you on an unforgettable journey, showing the biblical account of the creation of man and the entrance of sin into the world.
See why Jesus Christ came to earth and how He dealt with the sin issue once and for all. Follow the Lord's life, from His miraculous birth to His agonizing crucifixion and glorious resurrection. Lost people will suddenly realize the horrible price Christ paid for their sins, and understand why He is the only way to heaven.

The Bible Comes to Life
Thanks to more than 360 breathtaking oil paintings, you will feel like you are actually there, watching the Bible unfold. Your emotions will soar as you hear David Jeremiah's moving narration rise above composer John Campbell's magnificent original musical score. Add the unforgettable sound effects and you will experience the Bible as never before. Many who have seen advanced screenings of this film have been moved to tears.

No Punches Pulled
In a day when many Christians are producing watered-down, politically-correct films, The Light of the World provides exactly what you would expect - a straightforward, biblically accurate, no-punches-pulled presentation of the gospel with a compelling salvation appeal.


"I showed 'The Light of the World' to my youth group. At the time, I didn't know there was an appeal to receive Christ at the end. I was surprised to hear most, if not all, of the kids repeating the sinner's prayer with the narration. I even saw one kid praying before the movie was over." — F B

"I played 'The Light of the World' in the prison yard. At the crucifixion scene every eye was on the cross and Christ. One man burst out in tears. Many men prayed for forgiveness and salvation." —Arizona

"My 6 year old son reads Chick tracts all the time, and has received the Lord Jesus. He loves the movie "The Light of the World" and it has been a tool to help us in raising hhim up in the love and fear of the Lord." —L C

"We received the DVD "The Light of the World" and it is awesome! I will show it tonight at our church's HALELUJAH NIGHT SERVICE. While the devil is wrecking havoc in the streets our young people will be in church lifting up the name of Jesus and watching the DVD." —D H

"I received the DVD "The Light of the World" today and my wife and I both watched it in its entirety. It was more than a masterpiece, and all Biblical. Thank you, God Bless and I will always support you." —Wheelus 56

"My father got saved about two weeks ago by watching "The Light of the World." Before he passed away he watched it about 5 times a day. He would fall asleep and wake up and have someone play it again over the course of 5 days. Thank you very much for making this film." —SRH Voice



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