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Thursday, October 22, 2009



A prophetic code hidden within the Torah. A sinister plot sealed until the end of the Age. Two men caught up in an ancient supernatural struggle to determine the fate of the next millennium...
For thousands of years, mystics and scholars alike have searched for a key to unlock the mysteries of our future. The key has been found. The end is here.
Never before has our distant past so collided with our coming future. Never before has modern technology uncovered such profound mathematical complexities as revealed within the Bible Code. Never before has the world seen so many ancient prophesies falling into place.
grabs hold of these elements, combining recent discoveries of the Bible Code phenomenon with the edge of your seat suspense and psychological horror to weave a millennial tale of international intrigue.
Shot on location all over the globe, and filled with cutting edge special effects, the film paints a world reshaped by the Code's treacherous web. It is a world on the brink of supernatural terror, where ancient forces of light and dark wage battle over men's souls. It is a world where the difference between truth and myth grows ever more so thin...
Dr. Gillen Lane is a world famous motivational speaker and mythology expert who joins European Union Chairman Stone Alexander in a quest to unite the world in an era of global peace. But when a revolutionary Bible Code program falls into the wrong hands, unseen forces begin scouring the code for an even darker secret--the key to the ancient city Jerusalem. For it has been foretold in the apocalyptic books of Daniel and Revelation that he who controls Jerusalem in the last days will control the world.
As Lane becomes entrapped in the Omega Code's treacherous web of terror and deceit, he finds his world and everything he believes turned upside down and himself on the run to save all he loves from a power-crazed madman who may just be the "Beast" from the book of Revelation...the incarnation of Satan himself.




English & Greek & Italian & Polish & Spanish : http://rapidshare.com/files/296364454/TheOmegaCode1999_EngGreItaPolSpa.rar

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